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Phone (2) (+597) 862-8368



Ma - Zo: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM


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Authentic and delicious Chinese Food!

This restaurant has always been known for its great food and they have some absolutely MUST TRY dishes: - Garlic chicken/Knoflook kip: you've never eaten it like this before. Fried garlic like coconut flakes on juicy pieces of white chicken. - Spicy Fried squid rings: you won't stop eating. Also great to take home for snacking! - Sweet & Sour (pine cone) fish: crispy, fried and delicious sauce. - Hong Kong Tjauwmin: fried noodles with tjap soi on top. The best way to eat noodles: fried with a sauce! They have other interesting items on the menu so I will defenitely be back!

May 2019

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1 Review


(+597) 455-779

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